3 Design Terms Defined

Below are three words I use and frequently explain after speaking them.


Smooth Vector Graphic

Vector Graphic: A graphic based on geometry not a series of dots, allowing it to be proportionally scaled.

I use this term mostly in reference to logos and other design elements related to your business image. This will allow high quality graphics to be generated at any size.

Bitmapped/Pixelated jpg

Bitmapped / Pixelated jpg

Bitmap: Images made up of a grid of pixel. Also known as a Raster Graphic.

I find I use this when a vector graphic was needed but was not supplied. If you have a .jpg of your logo or business card those are bitmap images and will not reproduce well. For the most part bitmap is another way of saying pixelated.


Copy on a website

Copy: Copy refers to the words being used on a website, brochure, business card and any media.

It is at the start of a project where I use this term. I ask if the copy will be provided or will developing the copy be part of the process. Lack of copy can doom a project to project purgatory. With content being essential for search engines well written copy is important and well worth bringing a copy writer in on most any project.