5 Graphic Design Project Essentials

1. PDF Version of Logo
web design & print design essentials
To often I hear, “A what? I’ve got a j-p-g.”.

A PDF can create a smooth vector graphic image for any size that is needed. From creating a logo for your website, business card or a billboard on the side of the freeway a PDF is essential.

If you don’t have a pdf or it disapearred on the laptop that died, all is not lost. I have and can recreate the all important PDF all businesses should have.


2. PMS / CMYK Numbers

pmscmykPMS stands for Pantone Matching System.

CMYK is an abbreviation for the colors in the printing process: C- cyan, M – magenta, Y – yellow and K- black.

These numbers are used for creating consistent color on the web and in print.

They are also an important element in the graphic guidelines of a business.

Many times these guidelines are made early on in the branding process, but can be put together at any time.


3. Passwords
It is important to know your passwords to keep a web design project moving forward.

Some important passwords to have accessible:

  • Domain Registrar
  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress or Content Management System (CMS)

With privacy being of the utmost importance, all these accounts allow user accounts to be created for your graphic designer.


4. Proper Domain Name  Registration

Depending on the scope of a web design project, there are times when access to the domain name registrar is needed.

It is usually at this point, that many people realize the friend, relative or employee that registered the name neglected to include important business or personal information to gain access.

Take a moment and check the whois lookup to see if all your domain information is up to date.


5. A Graphic Designer

coffeeThis project essential is frequently overlooked. Lately it seems a laptop and a few Adobe products makes someone a designer.

In looking for a designer, take your time, ask questions and review portfolios. Treat it like you are hiring an employee.

Most importantly, sit down and have a cup a coffee with any designers you have in mind.

Knowing if your personalities are a fit is a key component. Make sure you can have a conversation with them and connect.  Chances are they could use the caffeine too!