Matthew Quinton

Create. Collaborate. Communicate.

I take a consultative design approach to every project.

Listening to what you want is at the core of my work ethic.  I listen to what your ideas are and work with you to bring them to fruition.  I feel you know your business best and will apply up to date technology and techniques to deliver the highest quality work.

I provide high impact print and web design to exceed your expectations.  My passion has always been to creatively collaborate with others to produce a finished quality product that stands apart while establishing a relationship with each client.  I don’t just want my clients satisfied with the final product, I want them to walk away feeling excited about where their business is about to go as a result of collaborating with me.

How I Got Started

I began my design career in art school; however, I have always had a connection to the print industry.  For three generations, my family has been through the changes that new technology has brought to the graphic arts. Because I carry this unique perspective as to what each of my designs will be put on, I know how to get the best results.  I am familiar with the entire print process from start to finish.  Every detail matters!

It is no wonder that my last year of art school was spent in the printmaking department.  Lithography was very special to me and I began to learn that I loved helping others achieve a high quality of print for their images.  I was also working in a photo lab and selling cameras.  Again, I was actively listening and creatively collaborating with others to help them achieve exactly what they were looking for.  And then I knew what was important to me, was also important to others.

I officially began my career in the industry as a graphic designer and have continued to provide high quality, high impact designs on each of my projects.  I have a strong working understanding of all aspects of this industry, from choosing the right equipment to visualizing the final product.  I understand each client is unique.  I thrive on being able to bring your business and vision together with my creativity, design knowledge and techniques so you can take your business to the next level.