Is Your Site Mobile Ready?

mobile5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs to Be Mobile Ready


5.  Show you & your business are up to date on current trends.

It is no secret that mobile web viewing has taken over fixed web viewing*. A site that comes up on a mobile device requiring zooming in, scrolling left, right, up and down is a great way to show you are out of touch with the vast majority of people searching the web.

* Stats on the state of mobile web viewing: Mobile Marketing Statistics 2015Pew Research Center Mobile Tech Fact Sheet

4.  A Better Customer Service Experience

I’ve said it before, a website is a customer service experience.  The ability to use location services eliminates steps a user has to take to map a route to a business putting a potential customer one step closer to your service/product. Also, the simplicity of dialing a phone number by tapping it makes an initial call that much easier. In turn, generating that lead or making a new sale with fewer hurdles on the customer’s end. Not using these features is building unnecessary barriers to new business.

3.  Reach A New Audience

The demographic of mobile users is diverse, but definitely weighted at the younger end.  In having a responsive, mobile ready website, an existing businesses can reach out and engage a new, younger customer base. 

In being in touch with growing trends and offering the expected customer service experience a younger wider customer base will have trust in, and access to, the services or products your business is offering.

2. Reach A Wider Audience

The fact is that people still search on their laptops and desktop computers. In developing a mobile ready site a business is expanding it’s current audience. In looking for growth and new business, a responsive site allows a business to reach people using the internet in different ways.

1. To Stay Relevant

A few months ago Google announced  mobile-friendliness will become a ranking factor when a search is done on a mobile device. Sites that are identified as mobile ready by Google’s algorithm will rank higher on a mobile device than those that are not identified as mobile ready.

Some businesses may think that there ranking won’t be affected on desktops since their customers are not coming to them via mobile. I think that would be shortsighted. Googles algorithm is also looking at click through rates and other elements that mobile ready sites will dominate since mobile viewing is the new norm.