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To achieve maximum yields it is important to begin with an optimum and uniform stand density. In order to achieve these stand densities the planting rate needs to be correct. Typically about half of the seeds planted survive and become viable plants.

The other half may be lost due to wind, pests and disease. For most medium grain rice varieties a good starting guideline would be to have 25 vigorous seedlings /ft2. This can varie withvary with variety, salinity and temperature.

For more on this go to: What is the optimal seed and plant density for maximum yields?

Assuming half of the seeds are lost means that you want to sow enough seeds to achieve 50 seeds/ft2. For M-206 a seeding rate of 141 lb/ac results in 50 seeds/ft2. Since seed size varies among varieties, the seeding rate will vary. In contrast, a small seeded variety like L-206 requires only 125lb seed/ac to achieve the same seed density while a larger seeded variety like S-102 requires 157 lb seed/ac to achieve the same seed density.

The tool above allows you to either determine by variety the correct seeding rate based on the desired seed density (i.e. 50 seeds/ft2) or determine the seeding density based on the seeding rate used.