Training Your Website

engaging website design

A website is a customer service experience.

Is your website the employee that is texting with their back turned toward the door or is it the employee that shows up to work early to make sure the doors are open for your customers?

I hope it is the latter!

Either way, just like employees websites need to be trained.  From how it is greeting your online customers to getting them to the information they are looking for, training your web site is a process that should start on the day it is launched.

I’ve talked to many people that love their site, but have no idea how it is performing. They know they get some emails from it, but don’t see how many people don’t get past their home page or get lost on the way to the contact page.

Understanding how your website is being used and setting goals for it to meet is essential. To start training your most valued employee contact me and we can get started right away.

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